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Bluetooth success

Hi. I was able to start bluetooth communication. Here’s a photo showing a serial communication between the Z2 and a Windows PC. The Z2 is running Minicom on port /dev/rfcomm0, the PC is running Hyperterminal on com9: Both have local … Continue reading

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Making microSD cards usable for the Z2

Hi folks. Some of you may have experienced the effect, that some microSD cards refuse to work in the Z2. Either they are not recognized at boot (but maybe when inserted later), or they produce reading errors at boot or … Continue reading

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Making a Bluetooth dongle for the Z2, part 2

Welcome back to part 2. Now let’s place the thing inside an expansion plug. You’ll need: The plug thin insulated wire thin solder wire a soldering iron with a small tip (I said SMALL!) a good side cutter a magnifying … Continue reading

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