Making a Bluetooth dongle for the Z2, part 2

Welcome back to part 2.

Now let’s place the thing inside an expansion plug.

You’ll need:

  • The plug
  • thin insulated wire
  • thin solder wire
  • a soldering iron with a small tip (I said SMALL!)
  • a good side cutter
  • a magnifying glass (I prefer a jewelers magnifying glass)
  • a steady hand

The plug comes in 5 parts:

The connector, 2 halves of the shield, and two halves of the housing.

First we cut the wires, strip the insulation from both ends, and then solder them to module and connector.

Now we insulate the module with tape and fit the shield. Don’t insulate the antenna of the module, and make sure that it’s placed outside of the shield.

Then we place this inside the housing and fit the screws.


See you in part three, where I will cover the software istallation.

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