Bluetooth success


I was able to start bluetooth communication.

Here’s a photo showing a serial communication between the Z2 and a
Windows PC.
The Z2 is running Minicom on port /dev/rfcomm0, the PC is running
Hyperterminal on com9:

Both have local echo enabled, so you can see what you type.

Here’s a picture of the new bluetooth dongle.
I had to make a new one, because I made a mistake and soldered the + wire to 5V instead of 3.3V.
I’ll correct the older posts soon.

Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Bluetooth success

  1. Dom says:

    I have read in the #zipit irc logs that this nice hack could be followed by an usb radioactivity counter for zipits . I did make some researches 25 years ago on a cheap and simple geiger, and I could ask to specialists. Their answer was to try a photopin diode as the detector, but at these times, this component was rare and over-expensive. Now I can find them for a few €. I thought using my serial modded zipit as a long term counter to make it sensitive, and something like this for the detection part.
    Because I kept a couple of tubes from these times, I will be happy to test and eventually help your own on my ubooted zipit, but your advice on photopin diodes interests me first.
    Dom prototypeur at free dot fr

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, what bluetooth module type is it ? what chipset?
    I want to do something similar, except that the remote end of the bluetooth link will be an RN-42 bluetooth serial module. I have had problems getting USB bluetooth dongles to connect with RN-42 for a standard bluetooth serial link. Maybe this would work for me?

    • uhrheber says:


      sorry for the late answer.
      Linux should supports pretty much every bluetooth dongle.
      As far as I remember, the one I used has a Cambridge Silicon chipset.
      At least it claims to have one, but it may also be a cheap chinese clone.

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